Mark Morris Dance Group

Mark Morris Dance Group

Over just a few decades, Mark Morris has choreographed over 100 works both for his own company, the Mark Morris Dance Group, and for other major companies such as the San Francisco Ballet and American Ballet Theater. In doing so, he has established himself as the most original, most intelligent, most accessible choreographer working in the world today.

Morris’ work grows out of a highly refined musicality. His interests range from baroque to rock and his delight in the music he selects for his works visibly flows in the movement of his dancers.

Grounded in classical technique, Morris has evolved a style all his own, distinctly of the twentieth century. His dances have a thinking, witty, and ironic character rare on the dance stage. Still, even newbies to the dance audience will have no puzzlement at the unfolding pleasures on the stage.

CV agrees with critics who say Morris’ masterpiece is L’Allegro, Il Penseroso, ed IlModerato (1988). The Hard Nut, Morris’ satirical take on the classic Nutcracker Suite, is becoming a staple of the season for those who wish their Christmas viewing to be less saccharine, with no sacrifice of gorgeous dancing and the additional fillip of hearty laughter. Morris’ choreographed operas and shorter works as well provide endless joys for the viewer. Go!

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